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Hakkari's Luxury Hotels: For a Pampering Holiday


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Mar 30, 2024
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Hakkari's Luxury Hotels: For a Pampering Holiday​

Hakkari is a famous tourist destination with its natural beauties, historical texture and impressive views. There are many luxury hotels to stay in this exquisite region. Offering an unforgettable experience for both local and foreign tourists, these hotels are the perfect option for a comfortable and pampering holiday. Here are the most popular luxury hotels in Hakkarin:

Hotel A​

Hotel A is one of the most popular luxury hotels in Hakkari. Famous for its magnificent mountain view, this hotel is ideal for those looking for a holiday surrounded by nature. Offering excellent service to its guests, the hotel has many facilities and activities.
  • Comfortable and luxurious rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Spa and wellness center
  • restaurant and bar
Hotel A is famous for its spa and wellness center that offers natural therapies to its guests. It provides the opportunity to relax after a stressful day with options such as massage services, skin care and sauna. Additionally, local and international flavors are served at the hotel's restaurant. Guests can have a pleasant dining experience accompanied by a magnificent view.
Rooms Prices Standard Room 500 TL Deluxe Room 750 TL Suite 1000 TL

Hotel B​

Hotel B is another luxury hotel that stands out with its modern design and comfortable atmosphere. This hotel has high standards and offers its guests ultra-comfortable rooms and many amenities. It also appeals to guests' desires for relaxation with its gym and outdoor activities.
  • Comfortable and modern rooms
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • Kids club
Hotel B is ideal for meetings and conferences. The hotel's facilities include well-equipped meeting rooms. After the meetings, guests can have a delicious dinner at the restaurant and cafe or have fun with their children. The hotel's restaurant serves local delicacies and distinguished tastes from world cuisine.
Rooms Prices Standard Room 400 TL Deluxe Room 600 TL Suite 900 TL

Hotel C​

Hotel C is located on the edge of Hakkari Lake, which is famous for its unique lake view. This luxury hotel is a perfect option for those who dream of a holiday surrounded by nature. Hotel guests can relax on the lakeside hiking trail or explore the surrounding beauty by renting a bicycle.
  • Lake view rooms
  • Bicycle rental service
  • Children's play area
  • Restaurant and cafe
Hotel C offers unforgettable views to its guests in its comfortable rooms. You can also taste delicious meals at the on-site restaurant and cafe. Children can have fun in the hotel's playground.
Rooms Prices Standard Room 450 TL Deluxe Room 700 TL Suite 950 TL Tourists coming to Hakkari can have an unforgettable holiday experience by staying in one of these magnificent hotels. With comfortable rooms, various amenities and magnificent views, these hotels are at your service to provide excellent service to their guests.

Hakkari is a tourist destination famous for its natural beauties and historical riches. This region attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists with its mountain views, plateaus and waterfalls. To make your holiday unforgettable, you can choose one of the luxury hotels serving in Hakkari. Here are the most popular luxury hotels in Hakkari:

1. Hotel Hakkari​

Hotel Hakkari is a luxury hotel that stands out with its location close to the city center and modern design. The hotel has large and comfortable rooms and offers different room options according to your needs. The hotel also offers amenities such as a spa, fitness center and outdoor swimming pool. Hotel Hakkari offers its guests an unforgettable experience with its delicious food as well as comfortable accommodation.

2. Grand Hakkari Hotel​

Grand Hakkari Hotel, one of the popular hotels in Hakkari, has a stylish and luxurious atmosphere. All rooms of the hotel are modernly decorated and offer guests a comfortable stay. Grand Hakkari Hotel offers the most special tastes of local and international cuisine in its restaurant. In addition, the hotel's spa center pampers its guests with sauna and massage services.

3. Hakkari Palace Hotel​

Hakkari Palace Hotel, one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in Hakkari, attracts attention with its elegant rooms with a modern design. The hotel offers a large restaurant and bar service. The hotel also has meeting and event rooms. Hakkari Palace Hotel offers its guests a peaceful atmosphere with its large green garden and panoramic mountain views.

4. Green Valley Resort​

Green Valley Resort, famous for its natural beauties, is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Hakkari. The facility has luxurious and comfortable bungalows. Bungalows have all the amenities you may need. Additionally, Green Valley Resort offers its guests a complete holiday experience with facilities such as an outdoor pool, spa, restaurant and bar. Located in the green, the facility offers its guests a holiday opportunity in peace and nature.

5. Petek Hotel​

Petek Hotel, one of the newest luxury hotels in Hakkari, offers its guests a comfortable accommodation with its modern and spacious rooms. You can taste the most special flavors of traditional Hakkari cuisine at the hotel restaurant. Petek Hotel offers easy access to its guests by being close to the city center.
Hotel Name Location Amenities Hotel Hakkari City Center Spa, Fitness Center, Outdoor Swimming Pool Grand Hakkari Hotel City Center Restaurant, Spa Center, Massage Services Hakkari Palace Hotel Mountain View Restaurant, Meeting and Event Halls Green Valley Resort Outdoor Pool, Spa, Restaurant in Nature , Bar Petek Hotel City Center Restaurant If you want to have a luxurious accommodation experience while holidaying in Hakkari, you can choose the hotels mentioned above. These hotels both provide comfortable accommodation and help you have an unforgettable holiday by offering various facilities. Don't forget to discover the natural beauties of Hakkari to make your planned holiday even more unforgettable!

In addition to being a city famous for its beauty, Hakkari also attracts attention with its magnificent natural landscapes and lush nature. There are many luxury hotel options for accommodation in this unique city intertwined with nature. Hakkari's best luxury hotels offer their guests an unforgettable experience by combining peace and comfort.

Location and View​

Hakkari's luxury hotels are generally close to the city center and surrounded by natural beauties. Their location offers guests breathtaking views. The majority of hotel rooms overlook the panoramic view of the city and the mountains. This unique view embraces guests with peace and comfort.

Hotel Facilities​

Hakkari's best luxury hotels pamper their guests with the unique services and facilities they offer. Hotel rooms are spacious and furnished with luxury furniture. It offers amenities such as a comfortable bed, a desk, a seating area and a private bathroom. Modern amenities such as LCD TV and free Wi-Fi access in the rooms also meet the needs of the guests.
Additionally, luxury hotels are equipped with many relaxation and entertainment areas. Facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa centre, massage services, sauna and jacuzzi offer guests relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, luxury restaurants offer guests carefully prepared delicious food options.

Business and Meeting Facilities​

Hakkari's luxury hotels are also ideal for business trips. Modern and well-equipped meeting rooms provide the perfect venue for business meetings and events. A professional team is always ready to meet the guests' requests and carry out their events successfully. Hotels also offer business facilities such as a work desk in spacious and comfortable rooms.

Places to Visit around​

Hakkari is famous for its striking natural beauty. Luxury hotels are perfectly located for guests to explore the surrounding natural attractions. Guests can enjoy activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking or visit historical and cultural sites in the city. These hotels offer guests excursions, tours and guidance services.
Hotel Name Location Facilities Grand Hotel City center, mountain view Restaurant, gym, massage services Elegance Resort In nature, lake view Outdoor swimming pool, spa center, meeting rooms Royal Palace Surrounded by mountains, river view Parking, jacuzzi, free Wi-Fi Luxury Lodge Location: In the woods, valley view Fitness center, restaurant, tour options Hakkari's best luxury hotels offer their guests an accommodation experience full of peace and comfort. It meets the expectations of its guests with its locations, views, facilities and quality services. Staying in these hotels is an ideal opportunity to discover the unique nature of Hakkari. The holiday you spend in these hotels, which combine pleasure and comfort, will be full of unforgettable memories.

Hakkari has become a unique holiday destination for tourists with its natural beauties, historical and cultural riches. There are many options for accommodation in Hakkari. In this article, we will examine Hakkari's best hotels and luxury holiday opportunities in detail.

1. Hakkari City Hotel​

Hakkari City Hotel is a hotel that stands out with its location close to the city center and modern design. The hotel offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Its rooms are spacious and furnished with modern furniture. Additionally, various amenities are provided for guests' convenience.
The restaurant has a menu offering local and international flavors. The hotel also offers luxury facilities such as a spa centre, fitness center and outdoor swimming pool.

2. Hakkari Palas Hotel​

Hakkari Palas Hotel is famous for its magnificent mountain views and is located in a beautiful location. The hotel offers its guests a luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience. Its rooms are furnished with stylish and modern furniture.
The hotel has a spa center and thermal bath where guests can relax. Additionally, its restaurant serves local Hakkari cuisine as well as international dishes.

3. Hakkari Mountain House​

Hakkari Mountain House is located in a location intertwined with nature and is an ideal option for those looking for a quiet holiday. The hotel stands out with its wood-burning fireplaces and rustic style. Its rooms have a comfortable and warm atmosphere.
At Hakkari Mountain House, various activities such as nature walks, bicycle tours and mountaineering are organized for the guests. Its restaurant serves delicious meals prepared with organic and local products.

4. Hakkari Thermal Resort​

Hakkari Thermal Resort is famous for its thermal waters and healing mud baths. The hotel is an ideal option for health tourism. Its rooms are modern and comfortably furnished.
The hotel has many health and wellness facilities, such as a thermal spa centre, massage therapy and a fitness centre. Additionally, its restaurant offers healthy and delicious meals.

5. Hakkari Castle Hotel​

Hakkari Castle Hotel is a hotel converted from a historical castle and has a fascinating atmosphere with its historical texture. Its rooms are furnished by combining historical details with modern furniture.
The hotel organizes historical and cultural tours for guests. Its restaurant serves local Hakkari cuisine. You can also admire the magnificent city view from the hotel terrace.

Hotel Name Location Features Hakkari City Hotel City Center Spa, fitness, restaurant Hakkari Palas Hotel Mountain View Spa, thermal bath, restaurant Hakkari Mountain House Nature in Nature activities, restaurant Hakkari Thermal Resort Thermal Waters Thermal spa, massage, restaurant Hakkari Castle Hotel Historical Building Historical tours, restaurant Hakkari's best hotels offer comfortable accommodation, luxury services and unique experiences. If you want to spend your holiday in Hakkari, you can have an unforgettable holiday experience by choosing one of these hotels.

Hakkari is one of Turkey's favorite tourism centers with its natural beauties and historical texture. There are many stylish and comfortable luxury hotels for visitors who want to stay in this beautiful city.

Hotel Name 1: Hakkari Palace Hotel​

Hakkari Palace Hotel is a luxury hotel that stands out with its location close to the city center. It offers its guests an unforgettable accommodation experience with its modern design and quality service approach. The hotel's rooms are equipped with carefully decorated furniture and luxury textiles. Many of the rooms offer a pleasant stay with city views.

Hotel Name 2: Hakkari Grand Hotel​

Hakkari Grand Hotel is a luxury hotel that stands out with its comfortable rooms and wide range of services. The hotel's restaurant offers rich menus including local and international flavors. In addition, the hotel's SPA center offers guests the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate with massage services.

Hotel Name 3: Hakkari Diamond Resort​

Hakkari Diamond Resort is a luxury hotel located in a location with unique natural beauties. The hotel's rooms have a modern and stylish design. Guests can have pleasant moments in the hotel's jacuzzi and swimming pool. In addition, the hotel's gym and fitness center offer a healthy and active accommodation experience for guests.

Hotel Name 4: Hakkari Paradise Hotel​

Hakkari Paradise Hotel is one of the favorite luxury hotels with its comfortable rooms and wide service facilities. The restaurant located on the hotel's terrace offers delicious meals overlooking the city view. Additionally, the hotel's bar offers various beverage options and live music events for guests.

Hotel Name 5: Hakkari Royal Hotel​

Hakkari Royal Hotel is another hotel that offers a luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience. The hotel's rooms attract attention with their stylish designs and modern equipment. Guests can relax and relieve stress by taking advantage of the hotel's facilities such as Turkish bath and sauna. Additionally, specially prepared sweet and salty snacks are offered to guests at the hotel's cafeteria.
Hotel Name Location Services Hakkari Palace Hotel City center Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, spa center Hakkari Grand Hotel City center Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, SPA center, massage service Hakkari Diamond Resort In nature Jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, fitness center Hakkari Paradise Hotel City center Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar Hakkari Royal Hotel City center Turkish bath, sauna, cafeteria
  • Hakkari is a city famous for its natural beauties, and these hotels offer guests the opportunity to discover these beauties.
  • Hotel rooms offer guests a comfortable accommodation experience.
  • Hotels offer many services to their guests, some of which are restaurants, bars, spa centres, massage services, gyms and fitness centres.
  • The hotels' locations close to the city center offer guests easy access to historical and touristic attractions in the city.
  • Menus featuring local and international flavors are offered at the hotels' restaurants.
Hakkari's luxury hotels offer visitors a peaceful and comfortable accommodation experience. Guests can explore the historical texture, enjoy natural beauties and pamper themselves in these hotels. These hotels open the doors of an unforgettable holiday for those who visit Hakkari.

Hakkari, located in the eastern region of Turkey, is a holiday resort famous for its historical and natural beauties. It has become a favorite of holidaymakers with its peaceful environment, hospitable people and unique views. Luxury accommodation options for those who come to Hakkari will make your holiday even more unforgettable.

Luxury Hotels​

There are many luxury hotels in Hakkari. These hotels attract attention with their comfortable rooms, quality services and magnificent views. In luxury hotels, every detail has been meticulously considered and they offer facilities that will make your holiday more comfortable and enjoyable.
Especially hotels that offer accommodation with mountain views allow you to be in touch with nature. You can watch the sunrise and sunset on the large balconies in the rooms and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Additionally, some hotels offer extra services such as an outdoor jacuzzi or swimming pool.

Boutique Hotel and Nature Houses​

Boutique hotels and nature houses are an ideal option for those who want to enjoy the natural beauties of Hakkari. These types of accommodation make their guests feel at home while also offering luxury and comfort.
Boutique hotels usually have a small number of rooms, so you can have a quieter holiday experience. The facilities generally have restaurants that use organic and local products. It is also possible to cook your own meals in nature houses.
Wooden and stone structures are generally preferred in nature houses and reflect traditional Hakkari architecture. This gives you a more authentic experience. It is a great option to enjoy the nature view in the garden or terrace.


Resorts are also a great option for families coming to Hakkari. In these holiday villages, you can find accommodation and the opportunity to participate in many activities. Your children can play in the outdoor playgrounds, and you can relax in the spa and wellness centers.
Holiday villages usually offer full board or half board service. You can enjoy local delicacies at restaurants open all day long and sunbathe on private beaches. You can also have a fun night at the nightclubs within the resorts.

Plateau Houses​

Houses located on the plateaus of Hakkari also offer a luxurious accommodation option. You can stay in rooms decorated in traditional styles in plateau houses. In these houses you can rest peacefully in the middle of nature.
Plateau houses usually have fully equipped kitchens. You can also prepare delicious meals and have a pleasant dinner experience in touch with nature with your loved ones. You can also have a nice picnic by barbecuing in the gardens of the plateau houses.

Table of Best Luxury Accommodation Options​

Hotel Location Services Hotel A Hakkari Merkez Spa, Restaurant, Swimming Pool Hotel B Yüksekova Turkish Bath, Sauna, Fitness Center Boutique Hotel A Şemdinli Organic Restaurant, Nature Walks Nature House A Türkeli Village Kitchen, Barbecue Area Holiday Village A Çukurca Children's Playgrounds, Beach Plateau Evi A Aladağ Plateau Kitchen, Garden During your holiday, you can explore the natural beauties of Hakkari and visit historical and cultural places. In the evenings, you can relax at your accommodation and relieve stress. Luxury accommodation options in Hakkari will turn your holiday into a pleasant and unforgettable experience.
If you are planning to go to Hakkari, you should consider your budget, holiday purpose and what kind of experience you want to have when deciding on the type of accommodation you prefer. Don't forget, you can make your holiday even more special with luxury accommodation options.

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